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Taylor Greene ignites feud with Republican Congressman in defense of Matt Gaetz

Taylor Greene ignites feud with Republican Congressman in defense of Matt Gaetz

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A scandal-plagued Matt Gaetz found himself in the headlines again today, this time not due to his alleged sex trafficking, but because he decided it was a good idea during a rant against Silicon Valley to urge his supporters to “use” their Second Amendment rights. Newsweek, a noted right-wing publication, then ran an article insisting that the clip was “misleading” but the video speaks for itself.

Gaetz shared the Newsweek article on Twitter and earned himself a retweet from the QAnon Congresswoman herself, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Greene said that Gaetz deserves an apology from Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) because he “lied” about Gaetz. She conveniently failed to explain how exactly Kinzinger had lied.

The facts are simple. Gaetz urged MAGAheads to use their right to bear arms. The clip exists. There’s no denying he said it and no amount of gaslighting or reinterpretation can change that reality.

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In her tweet, Greene claimed that what Gaetz was really doing was giving a “history lesson” about the First and Second Amendments, which is an incredibly generous take on his dangerous remarks. The idea that anyone would ever want a history lesson from someone as dimwitted as Gaetz is itself laughable.

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“Republicans should agree with him, but we all know you’re really not Republican, you’re fake and old news,” concluded Greene, who apparently thinks more GOP officials should be exhorting violence.

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Somehow, this woman manages to be on the wrong side of every issue. Her proudly claiming Matt Gaetz as a “friend” despite him being the target of a sex trafficking investigation involving a minor shows that all of her QAnon nonsense about wanting to protect children was rubbish. She wants us worried about Satanic pedophiles while she makes common cause with a likely sexual predator. The moral hypocrisy would be shocking if it weren’t so predictable at this point.

Kinzinger hit back, which prompted Greene to fire another tweet at him with some boilerplate complaints about “socialism.” While it’s easy to side with Kinzinger here, on some level this is what he gets for remaining in a political party that harbors lunatics like Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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