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Matt Gaetz calls for Americans to take up arms against tech companies in unhinged speech

Matt Gaetz calls for Americans to take up arms against tech companies in unhinged speech

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A properly functioning political party would expel a member for being credibly accused of sex trafficking, but lucky for Rep. Matt Gaetz he’s part of the Republican Party, an organization with absolutely no moral center. Instead of rejecting him over the credible accusations leveled against him, the GOP has embraced him and exploited his growing notoriety for free publicity. Gaetz is so confident in his standing that he has even stated he might run for president in 2024.

The GOP’s failure to condemn him has emboldened him and now Gaetz is deploying some truly dangerous rhetoric. Knowing that he might soon be indicted, he is setting himself up as a gun rights martyr and perhaps even a violent revolutionary. During a rant against Silicon Valley, the Congressman said “We have a Second Amendment in this country and I think we have an obligation to use it.”

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The implication is clear: Gaetz is telling his MAGA-head supporters to take up arms and attack the people who work at Facebook and Twitter. It’s nothing less than him inciting his voters to violence, similar to how his idol Donald Trump incited his voters to violence on January 6th. The failure to hold the former president accountable sent a message to men like Gaetz that they can get away with this kind of thing.

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Lest anyone mistake his remarks for a mistake, Gaetz also tweeted out his opinion on the Second Amendment, claiming that its purpose is to facilitate “an armed rebellion against the government.” While he added that he hopes it “never” gets used for that purpose, it’s obvious what he’s trying to do. If this man isn’t expelled from Congress his rhetoric is only going to escalate from here.

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