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Dan Crenshaw sparks mockery after unhinged Twitter rant about “progressive Pentagon staffers”

Dan Crenshaw sparks mockery after unhinged Twitter rant about “progressive Pentagon staffers”

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The ideological opposition to anything that might materially improve the lives of their voters doesn’t leave a whole lot in the Republican toolbox, forcing them to rely on contrived imaginary culture war grievances as a way to keep their voters’ attention fixated on their political rivals instead of on their own inability to produce anything beyond outright lies and handouts for the oligarch class.

In the Biden era, that culture war is focused squarely on combating “wokeness,” which usually translates directly to “taking any measures at all to accommodate the needs and feelings of anyone who isn’t a straight white male. While the rest of the nation was focused on the Republican Party’s astonishing decision to kill the bipartisan commission investigating the Jan 6th mob attack on the Capitol, Rep. Dan Crenshaw was railing against “woke ideology” in the military and even created a “whistleblowing webpage” for the public to submit…what, exactly, is unclear.

Judging from recent events, however, we can deduce that he’s talking about a military recruitment ad that right-wingers deemed insufficiently masculine and the recent dismissal of Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier from the Space Force for trashing the U.S. military on a conservative podcast — though if you listen to how Republicans tell it, he was cruelly silenced for speaking out against all the “marxism” pervading the armed forces.

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The entire faux-“controversy” is wildly overblown and the insinuations are preposterous, just a staggeringly lazy attempt to red-bait their way into some content for the FOX and Friends hosts to tut-tut about. But it should not be overlooked that Crenshaw is implying there is a “progressive” conspiracy to weaken the U.S. military, further fanning the flames of right-wing paranoia and delusion that led to the attack on the Capitol in the first place.

The creation of the “whistleblowing” form proved to be a poor idea, as Twitter users immediately flooded it with their complaints, which were definitely not what Crenshaw was looking for:

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