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Jim Acosta tears into Gaetz and his “partner in slime” Taylor Greene in epic clip

Jim Acosta tears into Gaetz and his “partner in slime” Taylor Greene in epic clip

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The two of the most notorious Republicans in Congress have been seemingly locked in a battle to prove which of the two is more depraved and despicable than the other. While Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) appears locked into the #1 spot with the accusations of underage sex trafficking swirling around him, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been nipping at his heels with her latest bout of Holocaust minimization.

The two recently appeared together at an “America First” white nationalism event at which Marjorie Taylor Greene compared Democrats to Nazis and Matt Gaetz implicitly called for gun violence against tech companies for their imaginary censorship of right-wing voices, further plunging themselves deeper into the fetid abyss of conspiracy, hatred, and insanity.

CNN’s Jim Acosta tore into the pair on his Saturday show, dubbing Greene the “partner-in-slime” and roasting the two for their appalling rhetoric.

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“Armed rebellion. Yes, he said armed rebellion. Matt Gaetz and his partner-in-slime, Marjorie Taylor Greene, have been traveling the country, inciting their crowds. Greene compared mask-wearing requirements to the Holocaust and likened Democrats to the Nazis…that doesn’t make any sense. Shameful.”

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The Republican Party’s most outspoken members have entirely lost touch with reality and have even abandoned the basic meaning of words and any context around them. There’s nothing they won’t say or do to advance their repulsive agenda, and we must redouble our efforts to drive them out of office and away from the levers of power for good.

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