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Karma strikes: boat explodes and driver soils himself while harassing LGBT strangers

Karma strikes: boat explodes and driver soils himself while harassing LGBT strangers

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Right-wingers often like to insist that LGBTQ Pride Month is no longer needed because, according to them, bigotry against that particular community is a thing of the past. Such claims are in themselves proof of extant bigotry because the real reason many conservatives don’t want Pride Month is that they’re simply uncomfortable with the very thought of LGBTQ people and would rather not be reminded of the community’s existence. The sad reality is that members of this community still regularly face discrimination.

A post is currently going viral on social media that purports to show a boat catching fire shortly after its occupants encircled and harassed the occupants of another vessel flying a Pride flag. Newsweek reported on the story of Twitter user @retro_ushi_, a transgender and queer individual who posted pictures of the alleged incident on Twitter. The user described it as an act of Karma.

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According to the user, the other boaters “harrassed” their family due to their Gay Pride Flags, raced around them shouting slurs, right before “their boat literally blew up.” As if that weren’t enough, the user claimed that the driver of the aggressive boat “literally s*** his pants” and those in attendance witnessed it when his shorts fell off.

Choosing to meet hate with kindness, the user and their family rescued the alleged bigots as their boat when up in flames.

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Apparently, the alleged bigots were less than grateful after being saved. @retro_ushi_ tweeted that they didn’t so much as offer a thank you or an apology.

The user also offered a possible explanation for the explosion.

Thankfully, everyone survived the incident. Perhaps in the future these people will think twice before harrassing complete strangers. You never know when the hammer of karma might come slamming down.

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