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Kayleigh McEnany complains that Kamala Harris is getting more credit than Ivanka Trump

Kayleigh McEnany complains that Kamala Harris is getting more credit than Ivanka Trump

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Kayleigh McEnany spent her time as White House Press Secretary for the Trump administration whitewashing the cruelest policies of the worst presidency in American history and shoveling a steady stream of outright lies down the throats of the American people. She has absolutely no credibility and deserves to spend the rest of her life as a social pariah. Instead, she’s settled into a comfortable new home at Fox News, amplifying the hateful, ignorant rhetoric that the network regularly trafficks in.

During a new sequence on Fox’s Outnumbered, McEnany whined about a new Forbes profile on Vice President Kamala Harris. In it, the business magazine referred to the idea of “Kamalanomics,” a plan for a more inclusive version of economics.

Forbes has discovered a new philosophy, Kamalanomics, named after Kamala and it’s about propping up women small business owners,” said McEnany, before absurdly comparing Harris to Ivanka Trump.

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“Interestingly though, we have someone who did just that. Ivanka Trump did just that, securing $1.5 billion in relief from the private sector for small businesses, $10 billion to CDFIs, which are banks that help minority and low-income communities. But I don’t remember the term Ivankanomics, do you Tomi?” said McEnany.

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“No not at all but again when Kamala says these things, she ‘eats no for breakfast’ I don’t expect anything different from her,” responded co-host Tomi Lahren. “As we’ve all said and we can all reiterate, we’ve expected her to do a lot more with this golden opportunity that she’s been given,” responded co-host Tomi Lahren, somehow managing to wed the racist trope that people of color are lazy with the racist trope that people of color should be grateful for the opportunity to succeed.

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Lahren went on to complain about the way the media supposedly mistreats Republican women like Ivanka Trump and Sarah Palin, two reactionary monsters who shouldn’t have ever been allowed near the levers of power in the first place.

If you’re curious, “Ivankanomics” is a brand of business wherein one mixes extreme privilege, inherited wealth, gross nepotism, and sweatshop practices to build a brand for yourself. The idea that we should be grateful that she exploited her father’s presidency to enrich and empower herself is obscene.

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