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Reporter reveals Trump believes undemocratic delusion of being “reinstated” to Presidency

Reporter reveals Trump believes undemocratic delusion of being “reinstated” to Presidency

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In the wake of the appalling mob attack on Capitol Hill, Donald Trump has refused to back down one inch. For months now, he has continued to push fake election fraud narratives and tried to undermine the legitimacy of the Biden administration from his blog — and now we know why.

The New York Times‘ crack reporter Maggie Haberman revealed on Tuesday morning that Trump expects to be “reinstated” to the presidency sometime in August, which is why he continues to push these fake narratives and why his supporters continue to openly yearn for a military overthrow of the government like we saw former Gen. Michael Flynn do at the QAnon convention this weekend.

How Donald Trump would be “reinstated” to the presidency is unclear, but pesky little things like details, legality, or reality have never been of much concern to the decrepit sexual predator.

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It is terrifying to fully comprehend that a former U.S. president is casually setting the groundwork for the overthrow of our democratic system and an abrupt end to the world’s oldest democracy out of nothing but spite and egotism — and even more alarming to see how many current members of the government and how many of their voters would cheer to see it happen.

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Social media users met the news with a mixture of bemusement and horror:

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