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George W. Bush’s former Press Secretary pilloried for claiming that President Biden “misleads”

George W. Bush’s former Press Secretary pilloried for claiming that President Biden “misleads”

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Republicans who gleefully boosted Donald Trump’s lies for four years are now poring over every statement released by the Biden White House desperately looking for something, anything they can paint as misinformation.

Unfortunately for the conservatives looking for such a PR win, the Biden administration lacks the Trumpian relish for lying. Press Secretary Jen Psaki of course tries to paint developments in a positive light (that is her job after all) but she never lies to reporters and if she doesn’t have information ready to share, she’ll admit as much rather than spinning up some fabrication like Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or Kayleigh McEnany often did.

One person who should never open his mouth about Biden is Ari Fleischer, the former Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, the man whose White House lied us into the disastrous Iraq War, costing countless lives, wasting untold trillions of dollars that could have gone towards infrastructure and healthcare, and irreparably damaging America’s reputation on the world stage. And yet Mr. Fleischer happily shilled for Donald Trump all the way up until he incited a literal insurrection in the U.S. Capitol.

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Now, Fleischer feels entitled to criticize President Biden, a man who in his short tenure has already proven to be infinitely more competent than both Bush and Trump. On Twitter today, he attacked the president for allegedly trying to steal credit from Trump.

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“Biden misleads,” wrote the man who helped mislead us into the Iraq War. “Let’s see if the press catches him. Today said covid cases since 1/2 dropped from 184k to 19k. That’s true, but why did he begin with 1/20? The decline began on 1/9, when the daily average was 252k. He omitted the fact that the decline began b4 he took office.”

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Of course, there was nothing misleading about Biden’s remarks. He was simply pointing out that since his inauguration COVID-19 has been controlled and greatly reduced to the point where the country is on the path to full recovery. His rational, sober-minded leadership avoided more massive infection spikes and his refusal to lie about the pandemic or cast blame on others like Trump repeatedly did has played a huge part in the recovery.

As usual, Fleischer is acting completely in bad faith.

Twitter users quickly pounced on his tweet.

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