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Texas mom accidentally shoots her own 5-year-old after trying to kill puppy coming to greet them

Texas mom accidentally shoots her own 5-year-old after trying to kill puppy coming to greet them

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America’s gun insanity knows no bounds — and probably never will, since we appear to have collectively given up entirely on reining in gun proliferation entirely. The deadly absurdity of American gun culture was made painfully clear this weekend when a Houston mother out riding bikes with her 5-year-old son attempted to shoot a dog that was rushing out to meet them — and shot her own kid instead.

Angelia Mia Vargas was out for an evening cruise with her son when a six-month-old Boxer puppy, Bruno, came rushing across the lawn to say hi. Panicking, Vargas drew a small-caliber pistol and fired three times, thankfully missing the dog but struck her kid in the abdomen instead. He was rushed to the hospital with non-life-threatening wounds.

Vargas was charged with deadly conduct with a firearm.

Bruno’s owner said he thought his brother was outside, which is why he let the dog out to greet him. He’s still haunted by the incident, telling ABC13 that “I was asleep and I had a dream hearing the little boy crying, and that’s what woke me up when I was sleeping yesterday.”

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Thankfully, nobody was killed, but it highlights the sheer recklessness of the perpetual psychotic Texas legislature’s recent decision to legalize permitless open carry, meaning that anyone can walk around with a gun on their hip without any kind of background check or gun safety course, as the law currently mandates.

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Texas already has horrific levels of gun violence; 3,683 people died of gun violence in 2019, including 32 children under the age of 17.

We can expect a rash of heat-of-the-moment killings and accidental maimings to follow in the wake of this new law, as the American people have proven time and time again — as Mrs. Vargas just did — that they cannot be trusted to handle firearms responsibly.
Original reporting by Mia Shay at ABC13 News.

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