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Disgrace: Jeb Bush’s son sells out his own family to Trump for his election campaign

Disgrace: Jeb Bush’s son sells out his own family to Trump for his election campaign

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One of the more puzzling aspects of the Donald Trump phenomenon is the way this senile old carnival barker manages to get so many powerful people to absolutely demean themselves and their own families in order to secure his political favor. The most infamous example is of course Senator Ted Cruz, who not only fundraised for Trump but became one of his most subservient defenders in the media after the real estate tycoon publicly insulted his wife Heidi Cruz’s appearance — but that may have been surpassed by George P. Bush, who just threw his own parents under the bus.

The son of former Trump rival Jeb! Bush is the latest of the seemingly endless brood of Bush scions trying to ride the family name into a political career. As part of his campaign for Texas Attorney General, George P. Bush released koozies that quoted Donald Trump saying that “This is the only Bush that likes me” and that “This is the Bush that got it right.”

Former president and unindicted war criminal George W. Bush has at times expressed tepid criticisms of Donald Trump, which of course was met with the usual amount of vitriol and spite from the ever-ornery Trump. His brother Jeb was infamously humiliated by Trump on the debate stage and mocked for being “low energy.”

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But it appears that George P. is more interested in his own political career than he is in defending his family’s honor. Of course, a little anguish over a family member’s betrayal is the least the Bush family deserves; it’s debatable if there’s a single family in modern history responsible for more chaos, violence, death and hardship than the ruthless elder Bushes and their malleable moron failsons.

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NeverTrump dead-enders — many of them still evading accountability for their role in promoting the Iraq War themselves — and political media in general reacted in horror to the latest Trump-inspired disregarding of the Norms, which dictate that we must all Respect The Bushes for being Real Presidents and conveniently forgetting everything they ever did and the millions dead because of them:

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