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Newsmax accuses Biden of creating “caste system” for white males in wild clip

Newsmax accuses Biden of creating “caste system” for white males in wild clip

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The entire modern American conservative movement is a machine powered by perceived grievances. Republican politicians largely focus their talking points around whatever issue the talking heads at Fox News, Newsmax, and OAN are currently obsessing over. These issues can vary but they all boil down to telling Republican voters that they are victims: immigrants are taking your jobs, liberals look down on you, white people are becoming an oppressed class…

It’s rare that one of these whiny, dishonest narratives breaks out of the pack to distinguish itself as truly deranged but a recent segment on Newsmax managed to do just that. During a recent episode of Cortes & Pelligrino, a nauseating show hosted by former Trump advisor Steve Cortez and OAN reporter Jenn Pellegrino, conservative columnist Carrie Sheffield was invited on to discuss race. It went even worse than you’d expect.

“Steve I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation because these arguments about neo-segregation, I mean this is racism,” said Sheffield.

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“Jen as you mentioned Biden wants to create a second class, a subclass. This is like in India with the caste system for white males who have to go to the back of the bus,” Sheffield went on, conjuring up one of the most offensive comparisons imaginable to pander to white viewers.

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“This is not okay,” said Sheffield. “And look: if you have private money, private charities that’s one thing. We’re talking about federal public dollars, taxpayer money. A lot of white men who pay into the tax pot only to have their money turned around and be discriminated against, against certain people. That is the very definition of race when you are looking at race as the category.”

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Ignoring her semi-incoherent rambling style, the central thrust of her argument is rubbish. She’s discussing Biden’s plan to provide funding to historically oppressed and systemically deprived groups to help close the wealth gap between people of color and whites in this country. That isn’t racism, it’s taking material steps to undo the legacy of racism and put every American, regardless of race, on equal footing so they can succeed.

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