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Republican Rep. is caught sneaking through the woods to avoid media questions

Republican Rep. is caught sneaking through the woods to avoid media questions

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Some Republicans will do anything they can to get those precious soundbites on TV since it’s generally best to spread their latest talking points and propaganda where they know it is unlikely to be seriously questioned by broadcast journalists.

Apparently, GOP Representative Scott Perry (R-PA) feels differently these days.

Perry was so anxious to avoid speaking with a local news crew while visiting his home district that he literally ran off from them and walked into the woods rather than face their questioning.

A crew from local TV station CBS21 had been trying to book Congressman Perry for an interview, calling and emailing him to seek his comments, but it was all to no avail as Perry repeatedly ignored their requests.

“If given an opportunity, I wanted to ask Congressman Scott Perry about a bunch of topics including his newest bill to help veterans dealing with PTSD and suicide along with his vote against the Anti-Asian Hate Crimes bill. But unfortunately, after waiting for nearly an hour, Congressman Perry denied our request for an interview,” CBS21‘s Michael Gorsegner said.

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Gorsegner decided to take a more aggressive approach and decided to try to get access to the elusive Congressman by staking out a public event commemorating the addition of a local bridge to the country register of historical places that the Republican politician would be attending.

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“So today, in an effort to get some context, I tried to track down Congressman Perry after a public event,” Gorsegner explained. “For 45 minutes, I waited respectfully as the Republican waded through the crowd. But, instead of addressing me, the Congressman walked out a back way into a lesser-used exit.”

Perry then hiked up a forest-covered hill in his attempt to evade the persistent TV news crew. and through the trees.

Unfortunately for Perry, Gorsegner and his cameraperson had parked their vehicle up that hill, so they managed to catch up with him in short order.

After some brief small talk, Perry again refused to answer the journalist’s questions, despite the fact that he had been more than willing to defend his vote against the bipartisan commission to investigate the January 6th insurrection in a recent CSPAN interview.

Knowing that he’d been caught in his evasive maneuver, Perry eventually was forced to agree to speak with Gorsegner at a future date.

Given the lengths to which Congressman Perry tried to avoid being interviewed, let’s just say that we’ll believe it when it actually happens.

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Original reporting by Michael Gorsegner at CBS21 News.

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