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Republican Senator says America isn’t racist and cites MLK speech as proof

Republican Senator says America isn’t racist and cites MLK speech as proof

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Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) doesn’t believe that America is a racist country.

Senator Johnson expressed this particularly perplexing sentiment during a luncheon sponsored by the Milwaukee Press Club today, and Jessie Opoien of the Madison Capital Times relayed his remarks on a wide-ranging array of topics on her Twitter feed.

Johnson began by denying any motives beyond wanting to convey “information and truths that I believe are important” and by dodging questions about whether he would violate his pledge to eschew a third term in office.

As one of the Republican Senators who most vociferously questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election and endorsed Donald Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud, Johnson was quick to try to erase the memory of his earlier comments about Trump’s lies while still staying in the GOP leader’s good graces.

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Johnson also took the opportunity to explain his refusal to support a bipartisan inquiry into the January 6th insurrection.

Perhaps a more honest answer came when he addressed the question of whether the former president actually bore any responsibility at all for the violent invasion of the Capitol.

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It was Senator Johnson’s willfully blind comments on the topic of American racism, however, that took the cake for the most pandering remarks aimed at the GOP’s deplorable base of white nationalists.

Perhaps Senator Johnson might not be the best authority to consult about Martin Luther King Jr.’s thoughts on America’s race relations given his limited memory of what Dr.King actually had to say on the subject, as one Twitter user demonstrated.

Then again, you can reliably discount the truth of anything that the person quoted in the next two tweets.

Hopefully, once Senator Johnson does feel pressured to make a decision about running for another term, he will decide to allow Wisconsinites to choose someone who is a better judge of character.

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Original reporting by Jessie Opoien at The Capital Tmes.

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