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Psaki throws salt in the wound, predicts Trump won’t get his Facebook back

Psaki throws salt in the wound, predicts Trump won’t get his Facebook back

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Facebook announced today that it will be extending its ban on former President Donald Trump for a period of two years, the maximum penalty possible under the website’s rules. The ban was originally implemented in the wake of the January 6th insurrection, which Trump himself incited. He will only be allowed back onto the platform if and when “the risk to public safety has receded.” Given Trump’s refusal to even admit that he lost the election, it seems likely this risk may never recede.

As expected, the disgraced former president and continued leader of the Republican Party was less than pleased with Facebook’s perfectly reasonable decision. Since he’s also still banned from Twitter, he was forced to release his statement indirectly.

Channeling his usual “aggrieved victim” persona, Trump insisted that Facebook’s decision was in fact an “insult” to “the record-setting 75m people, plus many others” who voted for him. In actuality, Trump received 74,222,958 votes. The “plus many others” addition is a less-than-subtle injection of conspiracy thought, with the implication seeming to be that MAGA votes were thrown out by sinister Democrats.

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He referred to the “2020 Rigged Election,” another lazy attempt to pander his Big Lie. He assured his delusional followers that the “censoring and silencing” will be stopped and that his side will ultimately “win.” The reality, of course, is that Facebook can ban whoever they want whenever they want and Trump has no real recourse to stop them.

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“Our Country can’t take this abuse anymore!” Trump concluded as if trying to convince himself that anyone other than his most diehard followers cares about the state of his social media.

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Ironically, “our country can’t take this abuse anymore” is exactly the message voters sent the world when they showed up at the ballot box in 2020 and voted this braindead ogre out of office.

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki addressed Trump’s ban during her briefing today and sketched out whether or not she thinks he’ll be able to meet the requirements to regain access to Facebook after the two years expire.

“We learned a lot from President Trump, the former president, over the last couple of years about his behavior and how he uses these platforms,” said Psaki. “Feels pretty unlikely that zebra’s gonna change his stripes over the next two years. We’ll see.”

Hopefully, she’s right. The world is a better place with Trump having a massive platform to spew his hateful lies.

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