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FOX pundit proposes making Trump the House Speaker so he can “impeach everybody”

FOX pundit proposes making Trump the House Speaker so he can “impeach everybody”

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Every week seemingly brings new lows in the absurd lengths that Donald Trump’s supporters will go to find new ways to force him back into the national conversation and into the spotlight. Whether it’s performative field trips to Arizona to observe the “audits” of votes or nodding approvingly when an increasingly senile Trump informs you he will be reinstated as the president in August, it is absolutely insane to see the lengths to which his hangers-on and lickspittles will go to placate this man — with absolutely no consideration for any of the intensely damaging effects it is having on both our national psyche and our democracy.

The latest outrage comes from Jason Chaffetz, the former Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, who quit his job in Congress to become a FOX news pundit. During a Saturday morning appearance, he floated the idea that Donald Trump could be elected Speaker of the House of Representatives because technically the Speaker does not have to be a member of Congress themselves.

They would do this so that Trump can “go out and investigate everybody and he can impeach everybody” because it would make for great TV.

The notion is as deranged as it is offensive. This former Congressman is making a despicable mockery out of the investigative process, the entire idea of Congressional oversight and accountability all for his personal entertainment and the entertainment of the rest of Trump’s hooting and baying zealots.

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Trump was impeached twice for committing very serious crimes that violated the law. Impeachment does not exist to generate “good TV,” but it’s clear that this next generation of Republicans is entirely without dignity and lacks any respect for the law or the institutions of our democracy themselves.

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