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Rep. Mo Brooks finally gets served in Swalwell lawsuit and throws a hissy fit

Rep. Mo Brooks finally gets served in Swalwell lawsuit and throws a hissy fit

For over two months now, accused seditionist Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) had managed to avoid the service of a subpoena in a lawsuit filed by his congressional colleague Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) accusing the right-wing Alabama lawmaker of helping incite the January 6th insurrection along with Donald Trump, his son Don Jr., and Rudy Giuliani.

Brooks’ evasive action finally failed him this weekend after a process server managed to deliver the subpoena to his home and hand it to Brooks’ wife.

However, the Trump-supporting congressman is now raising a ruckus over the circumstances of the subpoena’s delivery, claiming that the process server illegally entered his home and accosted his wife and citing the specific Alabama statute and the potential penalty for the crimes he is accusing the messenger of committing while doing his justice-related job.

According to Forbes magazine, Congressman Swalwell’s attorney has vigorously denied that the process server violated any laws in the fulfillment of their duties.

“Swalwell attorney Philip Adonian told Forbes the allegation is ‘utterly false’ and that the process server ‘did not enter the house,’ adding that he ‘lawfully handed the papers to Mo Brooks’ wife at their home… which is perfectly legitimate under the federal rules.’”

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Judging from the replies to Rep. Brooks’ tweet, public sentiment is not exactly falling in his favor.

However frustrated Congressman Brooks may be at being subject to the same laws against fomenting an insurrection as every other citizen of the United States, no amount of false accusations against his process server will protect him from being accountable to answering the charges contained in Congressman Swalwell’s lawsuit.

Hopefully he and the other people alleged to have incited the storming of the U.S. Capitol will be brought to justice and can commiserate over their fasteful miscalculaltions once they are safely ensconsed in prison and meeting each other for lunch at the commisary.

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Original reporting by Andrew Solender at Forbes.

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