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Was Donald Trump wearing a diaper at his speech last night?

Was Donald Trump wearing a diaper at his speech last night?

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Donald Trump left his Mar-a-Lago retirement home to re-engage in public political life again last night at the North Carolina Republican state convention, but the most notable thing to emerge from his hour and half long keynote speech was not any of his tired lies about a stolen election that formed the bulk of his remarks, but the rampant speculation over whether the former POTUS had put his pants on backwards and was wearing a diaper.

Twitter commentators immediately began circulating photos of Trump on the convention stage — wearing apparently zipper-less pants with conspicuous padding around his pelvis — mocking the incontinence-protecting wear that the 74-year-old former president had apparently donned to endure the lengthy speech.

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Of course, a few people managed to comment on the content and delivery of Trump’s speech, although they weren’t much more impressed with him than those who couldn’t get past the diaper.

Trump’s return to the political stage may not have been as triumphant as he may have imagined, but at least it was more notable for his buffoonish appearance than for any new instigation towards political violence or claims of an August reinstatement.

Hopefully, Trump will soon be too involved in defending himself in court against the flood of litigation that he faces to continue to appear before his adoring admirers and we’ll all be spared the sight of his bulging Depends.

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