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Trump gives befuddled answer about his son Barron when asked about cyber-attacks

Trump gives befuddled answer about his son Barron when asked about cyber-attacks

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While there is certainly much to look forward to in the coming years as technology further proliferates and the interconnection of the world deepens, the recent rash of cyber-attacks has given us a taste of what we must stand vigilant against. It will take a unified effort, competent leadership, and a reliance on our technology experts to stem the tide of attacks and insulate us against further digital aggression.

Thankfully, President Biden is in the White House and so we no longer have a leader who oscillates between completely ignoring the problem and blaming the attacks on politically convenient culprits. Biden has already stated his intention to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin at an upcoming summit about his nation’s outsized role in the attacks.

It’s undeniably good that we now have a president unafraid to call out the illiberal dictator for his criminal acts, it’s unlikely Russia will stop and we will have to harness every tool in our arsenal to address this growing problem.

Disgraced former President Donald Trump was asked about cyber-attacks during an interview with Fox News’s Stuart Varney and his answer was a strong reminder that—regardless of the challenges America now faces—we can at least be thankful that this ignoramus is no longer crouched within the Oval Office. The 74-year-old Trump seemed to suggest that the best solution to the problem is to become a civilization of Luddites and regress to a more primitive form of technology.

“Well, the way you stop it is go back to a much more old-fashioned form of accounting and things,” said Trump, who for some reason appears to think that accounting is the field most susceptible to cyber-attacks.

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“You know I have a son who’s so good with computers,” Trump went on, referring to Barron Trump, who he has evoked in the past when discussing computers. “He’s a young person and I mean he can make these things sing. And when you put everything on internet and all of these machines and you never see a piece of paper…” the confused old man went on.

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“I really think you have to go back to a different form of accounting, a different form of compiling information because anybody can break in,” Trump said. “I mean I see young people. They can’t walk without computers. What they can do with them is incredible. I’m witness to it because as a young person my 15-year-old son is, you know he’s just a genius with this stuff. And you have people that are going to break into systems. I think you have to go back and you have to be much more reliant. There has to be much more security. And the kind of information they’re getting is mind-boggling.

“But that takes a lot of time!” said Varney, who appeared visibly bemused by Trump’s nonsensical remarks.

It appears the former president thinks we can best confront our adversaries by replacing our computers with abacuses or simply counting on our fingers. It’s laughable until you remember this man once had his finger on the nuclear button.

Here’s the thing: as an old man it makes sense that Trump would be less-than-familiar with computers. At the same time, nobody expects President Biden to be some computer wiz. The difference is that Trump simply rejects or lies about things he doesn’t understand. Biden, on the other hand, chooses to rely on experts and those who do understand cyber-attacks to advise him on the best course of action. The former approaches this issue like a stubborn child, the latter like the leader of the free world.

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