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Trump tries to settle petty impeachment grudge by targeting Republican Senator Murkowski

Trump tries to settle petty impeachment grudge by targeting Republican Senator Murkowski

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Donald Trump may be sweating away in exile down in Florida, but the worst president in American history still refuses to step away from the political arena. He no longer has access to his Twitter or Facebook accounts thanks to his role in the January 6th Capitol insurrection but has still been managing to semi-regularly release statements through intermediaries.

Today, Trump decided to lash out at Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska who he has resented ever since she voted to convict him during his Senate impeachment trial in the wake of the January 6th insurrection.

In the statement, the former president claimed that Murkowski is costing her state “billions and billions of dollars” by “voting for Radical Left Biden appointees.” According to Trump, the Biden administration’s halting of drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge is a result of a failure on Murkowski’s part to defend such drilling. Notably, Trump wrote it as “ANWR,” presumably because he knows if he were to spell out “Alaska National Wildlife Refuge” it would become immediately apparent why such drilling should be stopped. A wildlife refuge should be just that, not a source of fossil fuel.

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Trump went on to ramble about the drilling which—as someone completely apathetic to preservation as well as someone who has repeatedly denied the reality of climate change—he is predictably, overwhelmingly in favor of. He called Murkowski “the best friend Washington Democrats ever had” and said that her so-called “betrayal” has “empowered” the left.

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The boilerplate smears demonstrate that he has few real criticisms of the senator and is really just pursuing a vendetta against her for voting against him. His promise to campaign against her during her reelection bid is proof of the same. On one hand, it’s easy to side with Murkowski in this little feud, on the other, this is what every elected Republican deserves for failing to stop the Trumpification of their own party.

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