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French President Macron slapped in the face by crowd member yelling medieval battle cry

French President Macron slapped in the face by crowd member yelling medieval battle cry

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The relationship between world leaders and the people they’re elected to serve can be a contentious one at times. While there are very few presidents or prime ministers as odious as the one the United States managed to oust from the White House in 2020, that doesn’t mean people in other countries don’t have issues of their own with their leaders.

French President Emanuel Macron is largely seen as a fairly moderate leader, but the French also have a civic tradition of intense, often adversarial, attitudes towards their government. Macron has an approval rating of 38% which would be terrible for an American president but which is not far from the mean in the highly fractious politics of France.

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The French regularly take to the streets to cause chaos when they’re displeased with their government and apparently they aren’t above physically confronting their leaders either. During a trip to southeast France today, Macron approached a crowd only for a man to reach out and slap him across the face. Security charged in to intervene and the clip ended up going virally. Two men were arrested, the assailant and his companion.

French presidential elections will be held in April 2022.
Watch the clip below.

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