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Trump issues mystifying declaration about the “book of all books” and some other “important project”

Trump issues mystifying declaration about the “book of all books” and some other “important project”

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Deprived of both his Twitter and Facebook counts thanks to his role in the January 6th insurrection, former President Donald Trump has been blasting out statements via emails and intermediaries in an attempt to keep himself relevant outside the nexus of Republican sycophants and opportunists swirling around Mar-a-Lago.

Today, Trump released an odd statement bragging that he has “turned down two book deals, from the most unlikely of publishers” but said that he doesn’t want to strike such a publishing deal at the current moment.

He went on to claim that he’s “writing like crazy,” an unintentionally hilarious statement coming from a man who is infamously averse to reading. Far more likely, Trump has contracted or plans to contract another ghostwriter to transform his deranged, paranoid thoughts into the written word. The idea of Donald Trump sitting down at a desk for long stretches of time to write flies directly in the face of everything we know about his embarrassingly short attention span.

Not only does Trump want us to believe that he is both literate and patient enough to pen a book, he wants us to believe it will be “the book of all books,” whatever that means. It’s likely that we will eventually get some kind of toxic political manifesto, White House memoir abomination from Trump since it will offer him the opportunity to make money and draw the limelight, but it’s highly unlikely he will have written it himself.

Trump concluded his statement by cryptically saying that he has been “working on a much more important project” but failed to provide any further details. What this project could be (if it actually exists) is anyone’s guess, but it seems safe to presume that whatever it is it’ll be bad for American democracy. Nothing good comes from this man.

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