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Eric Trump’s wife incites violence against immigrants in FOX appearance

Eric Trump’s wife incites violence against immigrants in FOX appearance

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One of the more mystifying aspects of Donald Trump is his preternatural ability to corrupt and to draw out the worst in all those around him, especially his own family. The entire Trump clan, save perhaps for his middle daughter Tiffany, have all been quite bold in revealing the moral rot and sociopathic cruelty that lies in their hearts — even those who weren’t even original members of the family.

Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump, has mostly stayed on the periphery of Trumpworld, making a television appearance here or there to dutifully tote the family narrative. But she revealed she’s just as bad as the rest of them on Saturday night when she openly began inciting violence against immigrants in an interview on FOX News.

Speaking to Jeanine Pirro, Lara Trump began by reciting the same old talking points about how “immigration czar” Vice-President Kamala Harris isn’t visiting the border often enough, accusing her of “laughing off the crisis” and complaining that ICE agents are somehow being insulted by immigrants traveling over the border.

“It’s like they are being made a mockery of. It’s disgusting and disgraceful to see,” she said of the jack-booted racist thugs that maintain our inhumane and immoral immigrant detention centers.

The white supremacist dogwhistles only grew louder from then on. Lara Trump declared that people living at the southern border might have to arm themselves and

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“I don’t know what you tell the people that live at the southern border.. I guess they better arm up and get guns and get ready, and maybe they will have to take matters into their own hands. People should never make this dangerous journey here. It’s bad for Americans. It’s bad for the migrants. It’s bad all around.”

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This kind of rhetoric from the Trump family has already killed dozens of people. Donald Trump’s racist and xenophobic propaganda directly inspired the anti-Semitic massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and the Wal-Mart massacre in El Paso, Texas; it is horrifying to see the rest of his family incite even more violence against nonwhite people in a nation already grappling with a Trump-inspired epidemic of anti-Asian violence and high racial tensions with the African-American community over police brutality and executions.

Sooner or later, there has to be a reckoning for this kind of talk. FOX News, the rest of the right-wing propaganda network and the entire Trump family is not only a direct threat to our democracy as we know it and the sanity of the nation at large but also to the very lives of millions of nonwhite Americans.

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