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Kayleigh McEnany slammed for claiming she never once lied as Trump’s Press Secretary

Kayleigh McEnany slammed for claiming she never once lied as Trump’s Press Secretary

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The Trump White House will be remembered as perhaps the most fundamentally dishonest in American history. The reality TV host turned commander-in-chief and his lackeys seemed pathologically incapable of telling the truth, even when there was no obvious reason to lie.

White House Press briefings during the Trump years invariably devolved into a stream of misinformation, regardless of whether it was Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or Kayleigh McEnany standing behind the podium. These odious opportunists made a calculation that their own hunger for power was more important than telling the truth to the American people and history will remember that fact. McEnany though seems determined to rewrite that history.

Yesterday, McEnany appeared at the “Young Women’s Leadership Summit,” an event hosted by the right-wing group Turning Point USA, an organization perhaps best known for its ill-fated diaper-themed protest. The former Trump Press Secretary told the audience that she was once asked by the press if she would ever lie to them.

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“And I said, without hesitation, no. And I never did. As a woman of faith, as a mother of baby Blake, as a person who meticulously prepared at some of the world’s hardest institutions, I never lied,” lied McEnany.

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She explained her supposed strategy for dealing with journalists, attempting to paint herself as a victim unfairly set upon by an adversarial press rather than a lie monger who was rightfully, repeatedly confronted for her disregard for the truth.

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“My dad said, ‘Kayleigh, you’ve got to come up with a motto for your press shop.’ And I did. And our motto was this: Offense only,” said McEnany. “Because I knew what we were up against. Republicans always get the bad headlines, always get the false stories, always get the lies, if I can use that word told by the press.”

 McEnany’s mendacity during her time as the mouthpiece for the Trump administration has been well-documented and simply isn’t up for debate. Her insistence that she never lied isn’t just untrue, it’s a slap in the face to the people she lied to. She is so confident in her ability to rewrite the truth, knowing that the MAGA crowd will swallow whatever she serves up, that she has the audacity to make remarks such as these. She is completely unrepentant and an absolute disgrace to her former office.

As one might expect, Twitter users responded brutally to McEnany’s claim.

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