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Marjorie Taylor Greene launches into nonsensical rant when challenged about offensive remarks about Democrats

Marjorie Taylor Greene launches into nonsensical rant when challenged about offensive remarks about Democrats

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Yesterday, QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) apologized for her past remarks comparing COVD-19 mask mandates to the Holocaust. It was a surprising move from the usually belligerently unapologetic conspiracy theorist and one would be wise to immediately question her motives. Likely, she calculated that her anti-semitic tinged remarks, while embraced by many of her supporters, would do more long-term damage than good to her political brand. Presume cynicism.

“And I have made a mistake and it’s really bothered me for a couple of weeks now and so I definitely want to own it,” said  Greene. “This afternoon, I visited the Holocaust Museum. The Holocaust is — there’s nothing comparable to it.”

One would think an adult woman, a member of Congress no less, wouldn’t need to visit the Holocaust Museum to realize that there is no comparison between being asked to wear a piece of fabric on your face to prevent the spread of a deadly disease and genocide, but that’s precisely what Greene wants us to believe about her.

On the heels of yesterday’s remarks, Greene was asked today by reporter Ben Jacobs if she stands by her comparison between the Democratic Party and the Nazi Party. She refused to disavow the comparison and instead served up a confusing soup of convoluted conservative talking points.

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Greene said that “socialism is extremely dangerous and so is communism,” implying that Democrats are pushing both ideologies when in reality they are pushing neither. Simply demanding that the United States provide basic services like healthcare to its citizens—the way most modern western nations do—is not “communism,” regardless of what the GOP and its wealthy donors claim.

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The Congresswoman went on to whine about social media censorship and Critical Race Theory, the right’s latest manufactured bugaboo. Nowhere in her remarks did she concede that the Democratic Party is nothing like the Nazi Party.

Apparently, Greene thinks that providing people with healthcare and raising taxes on the super-rich is the same as starting a world war and herding people into execution camps. By failing to distance herself from the offensive comparison she has now undone whatever she thought she was doing with her Holocaust apology yesterday. This woman does not belong in polite society, let alone Congress.

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