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Ted Cruz sparks scathing mockery with cringey, cynical Flag Day stunt

Ted Cruz sparks scathing mockery with cringey, cynical Flag Day stunt

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The most prominent members of Trumpworld are as hungry for attention and notoriety as the progenitor of their madness is. They are seemingly locked in a constant battle to outdo each other every week with increasingly outrageous stunts and manipulations of the truth in order to portray themselves as the most fanatically patriotic and to cultivate an imaginary atmosphere of censorship and oppression to feed into the insatiable Trumpian victim complex.

Flag Day, the celebration of the American flag and the democracy it stands for, is ripe with opportunity for self-debasement on the altar of meaningless hypernationalism, and the most depraved member of Congress, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, leaped at the low-hanging fruit. He posted a video of himself reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag in his office with the caption “This didn’t use to be controversial.”

More cringe than controversial, the video’s message invokes the specters that haunt the paranoid psyches of the right-wing, like “cancel culture” and “holding Americans accountable for war crimes” to encourage viewers to think that the symbol of the American flag itself is under constant attack, which it obviously is not.

At its heart, it is a cynical mockery of true patriotism by a self-serving and obsessively ambitious politician who has already proven he’ll sell his own family out to protect his power and influence and has sold his own nation out with his role in inciting the Trump mob that attacked the Capitol on January 6th, where Ted Cruz’s controversial flag was used to beat police officers protecting our elected representatives as they certified the peaceful transfer of power from one democratically elected president to the next.

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Social media was quick to give Senator Cruz the scathing takedown he deserves:

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