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AOC ignites feud with Marjorie Taylor Greene by mocking her Biblical illiteracy

AOC ignites feud with Marjorie Taylor Greene by mocking her Biblical illiteracy

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Last week, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) found herself the target of mockery yet again when she implied that COVID-19 must be a bioweapon because God would never create such a pointless, deadly virus.

While there is speculation that the coronavirus may have escaped a research lab, there is absolutely no indication that it was intentionally released as a weapon. Beyond that, Greene’s assertion that God would never create a deadly disease flies directly in the face of the text of the Bible that she claims to love so much. In the Old Testament, God is said to have unleashed plagues on the ancient Egyptians holding the Israelites in bondage.

Does Greene think that every deadly disease in history was a bioweapon? Was the Black Death? The Plague of Justinian? Smallpox? Polio? Either she thinks every deadly disease to ever exist was created in a lab to kill people or she thinks the God she professes to serve has no control over the natural world.

On June 13th, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) retweeted the Greene story with the caption: “Tell me you’ve never read the Bible without telling me you’ve never read the Bible.” Clearly, she was poking fun at the QAnon Congresswoman for failing to remember the plagues God unleashed in the holy book.

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Without fail, the Republicans who weaponize their religion the most are the ones who have the most tenuous grasp on the details of their faith. One recalls Donald Trump struggling to name his favorite verse in the Bible when asked outright. To these people, Christianity is nothing more than a cynical political tool.

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It took her a few days, but Greene finally responded to AOC’s tweet today. She challenged her to discuss the Bible as well as Ocasio-Cortez’s nonexistent “support for Hamas terrorists attacking Israel.” AOC does not support terrorism perpetrated by Hamas and has indeed called their actions condemnable. What she has done is call for more humane treatment of the Palestinian people, which Republicans have in turn conflated into blanket support for terrorism. It’s not only dishonest, it’s deeply racist.

Greene demanded that Ocasio-Cortez debate her about her “Socialist plans to destroy America,” another low effort smear from a woman who seems incapable of original or honest thought. Debating Greene would be a waste of time for AOC as she is in a completely different intellectual weight class.

AOC is focused on the work of the American people, on expanding healthcare and providing a social safety net for those in need. Greene is focused on imagined Satanic pedophile cabals and space lasers.

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