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Biden stops Fox News reporter in his tracks mid-gotcha question at Russia summit

Biden stops Fox News reporter in his tracks mid-gotcha question at Russia summit

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Fox News reporter Peter Doocy’s interactions with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki have become legendary for Psaki’s quick shutdowns of whatever ludicrous question the right-wing mouthpiece may shout out on any given day.

Today, Doocy graduated to being put back in his place by President Biden himself at a press conference that took place after the president’s meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Doocy began his question for the U.S. leader with a characterization of Biden’s relationship with another major world figure, China’s President Xi Jin Ping.

It was a characterization that raised Biden’s hackles and inspired a testy response from the American president.

“You have spoken many times about how you have spent perhaps more time with President Xi than any other world leader,” Doocy began. “Is there going to become a time where you might call him, old friend to old friend, and ask him to open up China to the World Health Organization investigators who are trying to get to the bottom of COVID-19?” he queried.

“Let’s get something straight,” Biden indignantly responded. “We know each other well — we’re not old friends. It’s just pure business.”

The Fox News journalist wasn’t deterred from pressuring the president for an answer to his question despite Biden’s rejection of his description of his relationship with President Xi.

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Noting that Biden has signed onto the G7 communique calling on China to allow a transparent investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, Doocy pressed Biden for an answer on the next steps.

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“China basically says they don’t want to be interfered with anymore,” Doocy stated, “so what happens now?”

Biden basically replied by pointing out that China is quite conscious of how their nation is perceived on the global stage.

“China is trying very hard to project itself as a responsible and very, very forth coming nation,” he said.

“They are finding it hard to talk about how they’re helping the world in terms of COVID-19, and vaccines, they’re trying very hard,” Biden continued. “Look, certain things you don’t have to explain to the people of the world. They see the results. Is China really actually trying to get to the bottom of this?”

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The president then pivoted to a more forward-looking attitude towards global cooperation, targeting not the current pandemic but the inevitable next global viral outbreak.

“What we should be doing, and what I’m going to make an effort to do, is rallying to world to work on what is going to be the physical mechanism available to detect early on the next pandemic & have a mechanism by which we can respond to it and respond to it early,” Biden shifted his response away from Doocy’s focus on laying blame on Donald Trump’s favorite target.

You can watch a video of the exchange between Fox News’ Peter Doocy and President Joe Biden in the excerpt below.

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Original reporting by Eric W. Dolan at RawStory.

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