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Right-wingers mocked for melting down over Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday

Right-wingers mocked for melting down over Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday

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Today, President Biden signed into law a bill to officially make Juneteenth, a celebration of the emancipation of slaves in the United States, a federal holiday. He proudly stated that he believes it will prove to be one of the greatest honors of his presidency.

One would think that all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, would see the value in commemorating the end of the vile institution of slavery. Instead, fourteen Republicans in the House of Representatives voted against the new federal holiday. Their supposed rationale for doing so is a hodgepodge of bad faith talking points that mostly revolve around painting Juneteenth as a culture war issue.

The reality, of course, is that these right-wing politicians are simply trying to pander to the racists that form a large chunk of the GOP’s base. They know that voting to formalize a holiday celebrating emancipation would alienate those conservatives who on some level wish slavery still existed in America. They also know that these very same racists hate to admit that America has any kind of racist history.

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Several prominent Republicans on social media also decided to take a stance against Juneteenth, broadcasting their bigotry in the process. Charlie Kirk, the figurehead of the right-wing organization Turning Point USA, cooked up a tweet about Juneteenth that was idiotic even by his knuckle-dragging standards.

Kirk claimed that Juneteenth is somehow an “affront” to July 4th because now there will be two “summer holidays” and incorrectly stated that Juneteenth is “based on race.” It would be more accurate to say the holiday is founded on freedom, something conservatives claim to love. The idea that summer can’t have more than two holidays is so stupid as to not even be worth rebutting.

Candace Owens, a prominent right-wing personality and close friend of Kirk’s unloaded on Juneteenth in a manner engineered to make white racists more comfortable with their own racism, a practice that she has built an entire career on. She tried to downplay the significance of slavery in American history and formulated a weird, twisted argument to claim that recognizing Juneteenth actually makes Democrats the real racists.

As is usually the case when conservatives suffer a collective meltdown over some minor grievance, the tweets mocking them ended up being the most entertaining part of the discourse.

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