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Trump issues warning about murderous windmills in bizarre Hannity clip

Trump issues warning about murderous windmills in bizarre Hannity clip

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Former president Donald Trump’s constant battles against science have provided some of the more memorable instances of jaw-dropping incredulity at the convoluted and absolutely deranged stuff that the foetid mass of Big Mac grease that passes for his brain spits out on a regular basis. In particular, his hostility towards windmills, the bane of his Scottish golf resort, and his accusations that they cause “cancer” will go down in history as one of the most bizarre statements ever made by a U.S. president.

But even six months after leaving office, his resentment over losing the election still festers — as does his hatred for the evil and murderous windmill.

During a phone appearance on FOX host Sean Hannity’s nightly propaganda hour, Trump called in to complain about America losing its energy independence (it is not) and to warn that “windmills kill everything.”

“So, well with energy, we’re not gonna be energy independent in two months from now, they’re making windmills all over the place to ruin our lands and kill our birds, they kill everything, and you know they’re intermittent…” babbled Trump to a very confused Hannity, who desperately tried to get him back on subject.

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I’m sure the Biden administration will take his concerns under consideration.

While thankfully Trump isn’t in charge of anything anymore and his obsessive bugbears are no longer the source of national policy, these reminders of just how demented he is are all the more disturbing when you see huge swathes of the Republican Party bow down to lick his boots and carry out his every whim.



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