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President Biden sounds the alarm bells about the dangerous “peril” facing our democracy

President Biden sounds the alarm bells about the dangerous “peril” facing our democracy

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The Republican Party has quite clearly decided to reject the very concept of American democracy. They’ve come to the realization that their incredibly narrow platform—bigoted pandering to white grievances and tax cuts for the rich—is unsustainable on a long enough timeline in an increasingly diverse nation.

The right’s embrace of authoritarianism has two major prongs. The first part of the pincer is the concerted effort by Trump and other MAGA politicians to delegitimize the 2020 election by spreading the lie that President Biden won through mass voter fraud. In doing so they’ve seeded the ground for the second part of their strategy: pushing voter suppression laws in almost every state in the union.

Democrats aren’t blind to the GOP’s anti-democracy plans and are currently working to pass the For The People Act, a comprehensive bill aimed at expanding and strengthening voting rights, reducing the influence of money in our politics, instituting stronger ethics guidelines for elected officials, and securing our elections against interference. In short, it’s the kind of legislation that anyone who believes in democracy should support and which the Republicans are predictably lining up in lockstep to oppose.

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While the bill has passed in the House it’s as yet unclear how it will ultimately fare in the Senate. Recognizing the importance of its passing, President Biden sent out a tweet today bluntly stating that “democracy is in peril.” He went on to explain how crucial it is that we defend the “sacred right to vote” and that the We the People Act is the best way to do just that.

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“Send it to my desk,” the president ended his tweet. It now falls to the Senate to do just that. Call and pester your senators, make them understand that your vote hinges on them passing this legislation. They work for you, it’s time to remind them of that fact.

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