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Tucker Carlson puts Don Lemon in danger by exposing his home location in ugly rant

Tucker Carlson puts Don Lemon in danger by exposing his home location in ugly rant

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It’s clear at this point that there are no depths to the depravity of Tucker Carlson, the FOX News opinion anchor who routinely promotes naked white supremacist rhetoric and incites violence against various public figures, but he still keeps finding new ways to disgust and appall the rest of us.

His latest target is CNN’s outspoken anchor Don Lemon, who hasn’t been afraid to directly call out racism on the right-wing and in American society in general — which of course makes him persona non grata among those who think there’s nothing wrong with the enormous social and racial disparities in America today.

Carlson accuses Lemon of “running from diversity in his free time” and pulls the classic right-wing “privilege” card on successful Black Americans by pointing out that Lemon owns an expensive house, which somehow means Lemon is immune from racism, discrimination, and all that he has endured on the long road to becoming a CNN anchor and earning to money to buy said house — which Carlson would know nothing about, being the heir to the Hungry Man fortune and having spent his entire life with a silver cocaine spoon in his hand.

But even worse than the ridiculous attempt to wash away Lemon’s lived experiences and a peculiar examination of a “Mammy” cookie jar that appears in Lemon’s home — which Carlson accused of being a “QAnon Cookie Jar” — was the fact that Carlson named the town in which Lemon lives and posted pictures of his house on national television.

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Based on that information, it would not be too hard for one of Tucker’s psychotic fans to put two and two together and figure out where Lemon lives, putting his home and life in danger. Like most prominent Black figures who discuss race on a regular basis, Lemon undoubtedly already spends his days being inundated with death threats and hate mail from racist Republicans incited by FOX hosts — and now his personal sanctuary has a huge target painted on it.

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To add insult to injury, Carlson himself once threw an enormous fit when the New York Times revealed the host spent much of the “vacation” he took following the firing of his head writer for racism (of course) at his house in Maine, claiming that the newspaper put him in danger. Carlson was never in any danger — but Lemon certainly is.

FOX News and its hosts are not only a clear and present danger to the American psyche and the sanity of millions of boomers — but also to the lives and homes of those who dare conflict with their twisted, racist narratives.

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