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Mar-a-Lago insiders spill juicy details about the inner strife splintering Trump family

Mar-a-Lago insiders spill juicy details about the inner strife splintering Trump family

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Fighting over “credit” for the actions of the Trump administration is a bit like fighting over “credit” for the maiden voyage of the Titanic. In just about every sphere, by just about every metric, the Trump years were an unmitigated failure that left the United States weaker, more divided, and the laughingstock of the world. Yet the former president, convinced by his towering delusions that he was perhaps the greatest president we’ve ever had, is apparently worried that his son-in-law Jare Kushner will steal credit for his “accomplishments.”

CNN reports that 12 ” former Trump White House officials, former administration officials, family friends, acquaintances and members of Trump’s team” have revealed that Trump is growing increasingly estranged from his daughter Ivanka and her husband Kushner. Ivanka in particular is said to be struggling to balance the desire to remain close with her father with a need to not get entangled with his lies about the election.

While part of this growing relational rift is due to Trump’s refusal to move on from the election and his continued whining about nonexistent voter fraud, part of it also stems from concerns on Trump’s part about the role Kushner will play in his presidential legacy.

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Trump has confided to at least one person in the past few weeks that he is worried about Kushner landing a seven-figure book deal because he thinks he might use it to hijack some of the credit for his “achievements.” True to envious form, Trump is also said to be jealous of the book deal itself and the hefty financial compensation attached to it.

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“He’s always been suspicious of Jared,” the source told CNN. The individual cited past occasions in which Trump attempted to downplay the role that Kushner played in Middle East peace talks and criminal justice reform.

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“It is not a secret President Trump doesn’t like when he thinks other people are getting attention for something he feels he has facilitated,” one former Trump White House official explained. “There’s a sweet spot between saying nothing about work you did and saying too much that everyone has to find — or else he gets triggered.”

For his part, Kushner appears to be lessening his time spent around his father-in-law.

“He was kind of like a parent who sticks around less and less each morning while they’re transitioning their kid to day care,” one source told CNN, describing Kushner’s decision to visit Trump less and less as the former president became more and more obsessed with his stolen election narrative.

While other sources downplayed the possibility of a falling out between Trump and Kushner, it’s important to keep in mind that all of these people, Ivanka included, conduct themselves like stone-cold psychopaths. If Trump’s resentment of Kushner grows too strong, or Kushner and Ivanka decide that association with an increasingly radioactive, anti-democratic defeated president becomes bad for their own political and business interests we could end up seeing a complete decoupling.

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