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Ted Cruz gets busted in embarrassing fashion for telling outrageous lies on the Senate floor

Ted Cruz gets busted in embarrassing fashion for telling outrageous lies on the Senate floor

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is a veritable human repository of odious traits but perhaps his most persistent, defining attribute is his pronounced aversion to the truth. For a public servant, he is far too comfortable with lying and in a lot of ways exemplifies everything wrong with the modern Republican Party.

Cruz regularly gives lip service to the idea of American exceptionalism but chooses to undermine our democracy every chance he gets, whether it be by boosting the election lies of would-be authoritarian Donald Trump or by vehemently opposing the Democratic Party’s efforts to expand voting rights.

The Biden administration is currently leading the charge to pass the For the People Act, legislation aimed at strengthening voting rights, reducing the influence of money in our politics, instituting stronger ethics guidelines for elected officials, and securing our elections against interference. Cruz and his fellow Republican senators know that the GOP needs voter suppression to win future elections and so they’ve arrayed themselves in staunch opposition to the bill by trying to paint it as a Democratic power grab. Yesterday, they blocked it from passing in the Senate.

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Cruz tweeted out a  video of him attacking the For the People Act during a Senate Rules Committee meeting and childishly referred to it as the Corrupt Politicians Act. Mustering all of his not inconsiderable talents for mendacity, he stated that the bill is “designed to register millions of illegal aliens and convicted felons to vote,” a blatant lie any way you dissect it.

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It was only a matter of time before someone fact-checked Cruz’s disgustingly dishonest remarks and now CNN’s Daniel Dale has done just that. Dale pointed out there is “no basis” for Cruz’s claim that the bill is designed to “register millions of undocumented people.” He linked to a long-form explainer on the topic which reads:

“The bill does propose an automatic voter registration system, but its text repeatedly makes clear that only US citizens would be eligible to be registered under the system. It is just not true that the bill would register anyone at all who interacts with the government or that the bill directs people to break the law to register noncitizens.”

The senator almost certainly knows that the legislation won’t register undocumented Americans to vote, but realizes that lying about it is politically expedient given how radicalized the Republican base has become against immigrants.

Furthermore, as Dale points out, Cruz’s claim that “all felons” would be allowed to vote if the legislation passes is equally untrue. Only felons who have been released from incarceration would be able to vote, a reasonable and just provision. Once someone has paid their debt to society they should be allowed to reintegrate and exercise their Constitutional rights.

Cruz clearly thinks his supporters are too stupid to do even a cursory fact-check of his comments. They would be wise to prove him wrong by voting him out of office the first chance they get.

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