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Trump attacks Kamala Harris after she announces plans to upstage his border visit

Trump attacks Kamala Harris after she announces plans to upstage his border visit

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For months, Republicans have been relentlessly attacking Vice President Kamala Harris over what they perceive as her failure to personally visit the Mexican border. They allege there’s an existential crisis unfolding with undocumented immigration, a narrative that is almost entirely rooted in xenophobia and white voters’ fear of demographic shifts.

Harris has become the target for these attacks because President Biden assigned her the role of finding a way to stem the influx of migrants. She has been hard at work trying to accomplish just that by focusing on the root causes of the issue, as evinced by her diplomatic visits to both Mexico and Guatemala. Because of this approach, physically visiting the border wasn’t her first priority, a perfectly reasonable decision that conservatives have tried to paint as apathy. The hypocrisy of the criticisms is staggering even by Republican standards.

For four years, conservatives were content to sit back and watch as Trump unleashed Draconian cruelty on migrants, herding them into abuse-riddled facilities and separating families to discourage others from making the long, dangerous trek to the United States. His administration succeeded in nothing beyond inflicting needless pain on innocent people and his voters lapped it up.

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Today, it was revealed that Vice President Harris has decided that it is now the right time to visit the border and she will be doing so this week. Rather than rejoicing that their demands are finally being met, Republicans are instead using the announcement as an excuse to attack Harris even more, proving in the process that they were never acting in good faith.

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been one of the more outspoken critics of Harris on this topic but when he found out she would be visiting the border he went on Fox News and slammed her for not visiting the particular part of the border that he believes she should be visiting.

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Peter Doocy, a Fox News reporter who regularly tries to land gotcha questions on White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, asked today why VP Harris is visiting the border when she previously “dismissed” the need for such a trip as a “grand gesture.”

“She also said in an interview with NBC that she would be open to going to the border if it was an appropriate time,” replied Psaki. “She said that after she said that so that’s important context as well.”

Professional creep, former Trump official, and anti-immigration cryptofascist Stephen Miller also jumped on the bandwagon, taking to Twitter to ask if Harris plans to talk to Border Patrol and ICE Agents.

Finally, Donald Trump himself weighed in on the issue. The former president released a statement accusing Harris of “ignoring the crisis at the Southern Border,” an allegation which is patently untrue since she made the aforementioned trips to Mexico and Guatemala precisely to address the so-called “crisis.”

Trump accused the Biden administration of unleashing “tremendous destruction and death” along the border, a description that far more accurately describes his own ruthlessly racist border policies. He went on to absurdly claim that the situation has never been worse in American history before reminding Americans that he himself is planning a trip to the border along with Texas Governor Greg Abbott. It appears he’s worried about her stealing his thunder.

Clearly, there is simply not pleasing these Republicans. They don’t care about what Democrats actually think or do and are only interested in playing politics and smearing liberals. Their criticisms should never be taken seriously and their arguments should be ignored.

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