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New book reveals how Trump would insult and demean Rudy Giuliani to his face behind the scenes

New book reveals how Trump would insult and demean Rudy Giuliani to his face behind the scenes

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Never has the old adage “reap what you sow” been quicker to manifest than it does with those who choose to enter into the service of Donald J. Trump. It is absolutely astonishing to see so many powerful and influential people debase themselves on his behalf, dragging their reputations and careers through the mud only to be rewarded with Trump’s scorn, disgust, insults, and abandonment.

It appears not even his right-hand man, Rudy Giuliani is safe from the derision of Trump. A new book by Michael C. Bender on the Trump 2020 campaign alleges that Trump routinely mocked Rudy Giuliani for falling asleep on planes and would insult him to his face after his television appearances, telling him that he “sucked” and was “pathetic.”

The book alleges that Rudy “rarely complained” and seemed to “crave the attention,” which indeed is incredibly pathetic.

One may point to the ridiculous lengths that Giuliani went to to try and steal the election for Donald Trump, first by attempting to arrange a sham investigation into President Biden’s son Hunter by Ukrainian authorities and then by embarking on a series of preposterous legal battles in order to somehow delegitimize the results of the 2020 election and think that Trump should be more grateful, but none of that matters to a sociopathic narcissist like Trump.

The only thing that matters is that Giuliani failed to get him what he wanted.

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Rudy Giuliani is and has always been a repulsive, racist scumbag, but it is extremely gratifying to see his undeserving reputation of “America’s Mayor” be entirely forgotten, replaced by the image of a bumbling idiot who butt-dials reporters, has his hair dye melt and drip down his face during press conferences, booked a media event at Four Seasons Landscaping, and ended up with his hands in his pants in front of
“Borat’s” daughter.

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I can’t think of a more fitting end to his career than to know he put everything on the line for Donald Trump and was rewarded with being told that he sucks.

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