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Trump’s rally speech inspires new allegations of serious mental decline

Trump’s rally speech inspires new allegations of serious mental decline

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Donald Trump held his first rally since January 6th that didn’t end in a violent insurrection and an invasion of Congress last night in Ohio, and critics are calling his appearance further proof of the disgraced former president’s advancing mental deterioration since he left office.

Trump’s lengthy speech last night was, as expected, a greatest hits collection of his pitiful grievances as he continued to push the “big lie” that his landslide loss to Joe Biden last year was due not to his overwhelming unpopularity — something amply demonstrated not just by the ballot totals but by the huge disparity in the approval ratings between the current president and himself — but to massive, if evidence-free, election fraud.

In the course of his address to the smallish crowd of rabid MAGA fans willing to waste their Saturday evenings listening to Trump spew his vitriol, the former guy described the first months of the Biden administration — which has been given high marks by both politicians and the public at large alike — as “a complete and total catastrophe.”

As is typical for Trump, he engaged in an outrageous display of psychological projection, attributing his own faults and misbehavior to his victorious rival.

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For the most, however, Trump simply repeated the same tired tropes he’s railed against so many times in the past, continuing his unsubstantiated claims about election fraud, attacking China, complaining about “woke generals” in the military, about a Supreme Court that wasn’t quite as compliant as he would have liked, and slamming his perennial whipping post, Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s gaffes during his speech last night prove how out of practice he is at addressing his mob of supporters and drew allegations that his mental faculties are in steep decline.

It was telling that even Fox News joined the other major cable news outlets in refusing to broadcast the divisive rally in prime time, leaving only the minor right-wing TV news upstarts like OAN and NewsMax to cover it live.

With Trump threatening to continue to hold his rallies intended to further divide our nation as if he were working at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin to weaken America’s national unity even further, President Biden’s quest to reunite the United States becomes even more difficult.

The only hope is that the pending investigations of the January 6th insurrection, the Trump Organization’s financial crimes, and his attempts to pervert the 2020 election results in Georgia end up with a conviction that will soon safely keep Trump locked up and away from any public microphone for the foreseeable future.

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Original reporting by Bob Brigham at RawStory.

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