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Twitter erupts after new documents appear to show Ivanka Trump guilty of perjury

Twitter erupts after new documents appear to show Ivanka Trump guilty of perjury

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When you’re a Trump, lying comes as easy as breathing. Insulated by money, influence, and white privilege, they rarely have had to face any consequences for their incessant mendacity, but as the stakes have risen, so have the opportunities for justice to finally get a word in edgewise — and one Trump may finally have made a fatal mistake.

New documents obtained by Mother Jones appear to show that Ivanka Trump’s testimony in a lawsuit brought by the Washington D.C. Attorney General does not match up with the truth, meaning that Trump’s favorite daughter could very quickly find herself guilty of perjury.

The lawsuit revolves around an investigation launched last year into the Trump Inaugural Committee and its incredibly shady business practices. From the outset, the Inaugural Committee was used as a slush fund for the wealthy to purchase influence and favor with the Trump administration and used to funnel that money into Trump Organization bank accounts by the greedy Trumps themselves.

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The lawsuit alleges “that the Inaugural Committee, a nonprofit corporation, coordinated with the Trump family to grossly overpay for event space in the Trump International Hotel… The Committee also improperly used non-profit funds to throw a private party [at the Trump Hotel] for the Trump family costing several hundred thousand dollars.”

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Last December, Ivanka Trump was deposed as part of the lawsuit and asked about her involvement in planning the inauguration. She stated that she “really didn’t have an involvement” but if her “opinion was solicited” she would “give feedback” and that was all.

But these new documents show that, unsurprisingly, Ivanka Trump wasn’t quite telling the truth. Emails show that Ivanka was directly involved in the planning of at least one major inaugural event and was sent a very “high-level summary” of the entire inauguration to review, among many other things that included an event hosted specifically by Ivanka for women entrepreneurs.

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Grift and corruption run so deeply in the Trump family that this news comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone, but that didn’t stop social media from erupting in cheers at the thought of the sweatshop profiteer Ivanka Trump spending time behind bars:

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Read the original reporting at Mother Jones.

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