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Hopped-up Don Jr. sparks social media drug speculation with wild video rant

Hopped-up Don Jr. sparks social media drug speculation with wild video rant

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In politics, perception is often more important than the truth. So while it’s impossible for an outside observer to know for sure whether or not Donald Trump Jr. actually has a fondness for stimulants, the mere fact that he has a growing reputation for drug use is itself a story. He is clearly working to position himself as his father’s political successor, if not in 2024 then in the not too distant future, and those ambitions could be quickly waylaid if it turns out he has an addiction to cocaine or some kind of amphetamine.

The rumors of drug use are largely rooted in Don Jr.’s numerous bizarre videos and television appearances during which he appears red-faced, talking rapidly, twitching, and stumbling over his words. One such incident could be dismissed as a curiosity, but the growing number of occasions has now led many commentators online to take it for granted that the former president’s son is regularly abusing some kind (or perhaps many kinds) of substance.

The latest video in the series “Is Donald Trump. Jr high?” has been exploding across Twitter. In it, he appears red-faced as usual and in an extremely excited state. Twitching and looking around with glass eyes as if his body has more energy than he knows what to do with, he proceeds to ricochet through a largely incoherent attack on President Biden.

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Performing what is presumably supposed to be a comedic sendup of Biden’s recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin—during which the American president outlined red lines that Russia can not cross in its ongoing cyber aggression against the United States—Don Jr. rambled about hacking “the McDonalds on DC” or “Joe’s basement” or “Hunter’s businesses” or “Hunter’s laptop” or “ten percent for the big guy, four.”

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None of it makes any sense and if he weren’t such a detestable person one might even be tempted to feel sympathy for him. Instead, Twitter users gleefully shared the clip, many of them speculating about drug use and others just mocking him more generally.

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