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Jake Tapper gives Trump a slap down after he launches a pathetic attack on CNN’s ratings

Jake Tapper gives Trump a slap down after he launches a pathetic attack on CNN’s ratings

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In every conceivable way, the Biden administration has proven vastly preferable to Trump’s. Cruelty has been replaced by humaneness, incompetence by competence,  and general cluelessness by good governance. The only people who miss the previous president are those who have sunken so deeply into the MAGA delusion that they not only believe he was a good president, but that he actually won the election and should still be in the White House.

Trump himself refuses to fade away gracefully. In between screeching about the election being stolen and bragging about his imaginary accomplishments he’s been releasing statements attacking his enemies, both real and perceived. Today, he once again attacked his former Attorney General William Barr, Mitch McConnell, and now he’s mocking what he often refers to as the “Fake News Media.”

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The former president claimed that CNN’s ratings are down 70% and that MSDNC (a term he uses to refer to MSNBC to imply that it works for the Democratic National Committee) is also suffering from a ratings drop. He claimed the news has become “boring” since he left D.C. as if the presidency exists solely to entertain people rather than to run the most powerful country in the world.

Trump then reeled off the names of several pundits and claimed they were all in “free fall.”

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“A wonderful thing to see!” he concluded.

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CNN’s Jake Tapper, one of the pundits mentioned in the statement, quickly fired back at Trump to put him in his place of disgrace.

“If I had incited and inspired a deadly insurrection attempt to undo American democracy I might not be out there about bragging about how many viewers it had. On any channel,” tweeted Tapper.

“But maybe that’s just me, I’m a different breed of cat,” he added.

Then, just to twist the knife a little, Tapper shared the news that his show The Lead at 4 PM is ranked #1 “among the key demo of adults 25-54; ranking #1 for five straight quarters.” In other words, the opposite of free fall. As usual, Trump is lying.

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