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Ted Cruz accuses Jen Psaki of “gaslighting” him and sparks major backlash

Ted Cruz accuses Jen Psaki of “gaslighting” him and sparks major backlash

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There is perhaps no U.S. senator who is as much of an internet troll as Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Sure, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is a source of reliably deplorable takes on just about every issue, but Johnson approaches his political manifestos with deadly, if wrong-headed, seriousness, unlike Ted Cruz’s diabolically cynical battles against any idea to the left of your typical Fox News daily culture war proclamation.

A perfect case in point is Senator Cruz’s latest post attacking White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for suggesting that Republicans, not Democrats, were the true enablers of the defunding of the nation’s police departments since they voted against President Biden’s American Rescue Plan stimulus bill which included copious funds for law enforcement agencies across the country.

While if anyone should be able to instantly recognize gaslighting, it’s Cruz, who, along with Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican Party, is quite skilled at convincing people that they must be crazy to believe the facts right in front of their faces.

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The problem is that Cruz’s tweet is the quintessential example of gaslighting.

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It created a form of cognitive dissonance that did not go unnoticed by those who commented on his post on Twitter.

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Sorry, Senator Cruz. It looks like no one is buying your stale social media posts.

Perhaps you should just get back on a flight to Cancun and stay there until your term in office ends.

Now that would be a preferable scenario for everyone involved.

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