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Trump drives knife into GOP with whiny rant about “RINO” Republicans

Trump drives knife into GOP with whiny rant about “RINO” Republicans

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Donald Trump may be banned from most major social media platforms, but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to issue press releases whenever the fancy strikes him, something that is happening with increasing frequency these days.

After sending out an ungrateful statement ripping into his former ally and protector ex-Attorney General William Barr, Trump next trained his vitriol on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) with a statement that condemned his leadership of Senate Republicans who deign to pretend that they have any bipartisan interest whatsoever in handing the nation — or more specifically President Biden — a victory by passing a much-needed infrastructure bill.

You know, the legislative proposal that Trump pretended to be working for the entire four long years of his term in office, announcing that it was “infrastructure week” every so often without as much as ever offering a concrete plan for what that might entail.

Trump warned “certain” Republican senators — whom he accused of being members of the GOP in name only — that their bipartisan efforts were simply an example of how progressive Democrats were manipulating them and could only result in some unexplained disaster.

Trump’s accusatory fear-mongering about those disloyal Republican Senators was followed by his placing the blame for the party’s loss of its Senate majority squarely on Senator Mitch McConnell’s shoulders and by an unmistakable call for the Kentucky senator’s ouster from party leadership.

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Trump was never shy about rewriting history, particularly when the facts shine a negative light on his own actions, but attempting to blame the loss of both Georgia Senate seats in the January runoff elections on McConnell is a stretch even for Trump given that the consensus of the vast majority of political analysts sees Trump’s refusal to concede the election to Joe Biden as the primary driver of the massive voter turnout that handed the Senate majority to the Democrats.

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You can read Donald Trump’s latest attempt at becoming relevant again with his political commentary below, followed by some choice Twitter comments about his statement.

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