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Trump escalates his feud against “weak” and “pathetic” Bill Barr with insulting new nicknames

Trump escalates his feud against “weak” and “pathetic” Bill Barr with insulting new nicknames

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Yesterday, former President Donald Trump launched an attack on his former Attorney General William Barr in the wake of a new article in The Atlantic. In the piece, Barr was interviewed about Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election after losing to Joe Biden and referred to the claims that rightful victory was stolen from Trump through Democratic mass voter fraud as “bullshit.”

Trump released a lengthy statement in which he referred to the man he chose to lead the Department of Justice as “a disappointment in every sense of the word” and a “spineless” RINO (Republican In Name Only). Like most of Trump’s statements, it was more whiny and pathetic than intimidating and showcased his wounded ego more than anything else.

Apparently, one attack wasn’t enough to satiate his thirst for revenge against Barr. Today, he released another insulting statement. In it, Trump calls him “Slow Moving Bill Barr” and calls Jonathan Karl’s Atlantic story’s “made-up beyond any level imaginable” and “Fake News!” As he so often does when claiming something is fake news, he failed to explain how or why it was fake or which specific details were incorrect.

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The statement goes on to reference right-wing conspiracy touchpoints from the extended Fox News cinematic universe, with Trump claiming that he “caught” his political enemies engaged in some kind of crime but that then-Attorney General Bill Barr lacked the stomach to prosecute because he’s a “swamp creature” who was “afraid” and “weak” and “pathetic.”

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Trump’s statement then repeats some of his usual lies about there being election fraud before ending as they frequently do with vague promises that bombshell information will soon come out that will vindicate his baseless claims about the election. One can’t help but feel like we will be getting different versions of these whiny, lie-riddled statements from Trump until he eventually dies or goes to prison.

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