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Lara Trump throws jealous meltdown in defense of Melania over Jill Biden Vogue cover

Lara Trump throws jealous meltdown in defense of Melania over Jill Biden Vogue cover

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Now that Donald Trump and his family have been removed from the levers of state power it’s possible to watch them with something more akin to macabre fascination than the existential terror that characterized their four years in the White House. It’s unfortunately likely that one of them will eventually claw their way back into elected office, but for the time being there’s no harm in mocking their trials and tribulations.

With that in mind, this publication takes pleasure in reporting that the latest member of the Trump family to beclown themselves is Lara Trump. In an interview with Fox Business’s Stuart Varney, the wife of Eric Trump had a mini-meltdown over the fact that First Lady Jill Biden will be appearing on the August cover of the popular fashion magazine Vogue. In particular, Lara Trump was upset that Dr. Biden has been chosen to grace the cover while her predecessor Melania Trump was never afforded the same honor.

“Well, it’s too bad that we didn’t have a first lady who was a model, who was incredibly fashionable, who they could put on the cover of Vogue when Donald Trump was in office,” said Lara Trump. “Oh wait, we did! It was Melania Trump!”

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“I mean, very clearly Stuart the reason that this happened was because these people are so obsessed with hating Donald Trump,” Lara went on. “They are so woke that they could not bring themselves to put an incredibly beautiful woman, I would say the most beautiful First Lady we ever had, Melania Trump, and probably rivaling Jackie Kennedy’s fashion sense, Melania Trump, on the cover of a beauty and fashion magazine.”

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“You know it used to be that they would put every First Lady on the cover of Vogue and every First Lady would be on the cover of multiple magazines until it was Melania Trump because she’s married to Donald Trump,” she whined. “They hate him so much that they decided to snub her.”

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“And you know what? I think it really hurt them,” Lara claimed baselessly. “People very clearly see their bias, they see where they stand now. And I am going to guess that they have lost quite a bit of readership due to the fact that they have taken such a strong political stand.”

“I hope so,” said Varney.

Vogues decision to exclude Melania Trump from their cover makes total sense to anyone not living in MAGA world. Why would a prestigious fashion publication want to be associated with the enabling wife of cryptofascist? Why would they want to tie their brand to a woman who wore a coat that read “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” while visiting a facility housing migrant children? Everything about her image is ugly and toxic and Vogue would have alienated a huge swath of readers by endorsing her on their cover.


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