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Donald Trump Jr.’s absurd 4th of July post slammed as “desecrating” Mt. Rushmore

Donald Trump Jr.’s absurd 4th of July post slammed as “desecrating” Mt. Rushmore

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Maybe it’s the indictment that the Trump Organization received this week that’s sent Donald Trump Jr. off the deep end, but the eldest son of the disgraced ex-president has been even more over the top than usual in recent weeks.

First, there was the video he released on social media earlier this week that raised rampant speculation about Junior’s ingestion of copious controlled substances after he appeared red-faced, talking rapidly, twitching, and stumbling over his words.

Now social media dwellers are going berzerk over his latest excursion onto Twitter with a bizarre post depicting his father astride an eagle and holding a rifle while flying over a photoshopped image of the sculptures of America’s greatest presidents on Mt. Rushmore, each of which has had a “Make America Great Again” cap plastered on their heads.

The absurd image was denounced by those who saw it as a practically sacrilegious desecration of the national monument besmirched with a falsely patriotic image of an American bald eagle carrying someone not fit to lick the boots of any of these beloved predecessors of the failed past president.

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Given the anticipated collapse of the Trump family business amidst the charges brought against the Trump Organization by New York prosecutors and the likelihood that those charges will reach higher up the food chain at the company, making refinancing their considerable debt next to impossible, it’s not surprising that Don Jr. seems to be losing his grip on reality.

Live by the tweet, die by the tweet, one supposes, but the public spectacle that is now Don Jr. is gruesome to behold.

If his family loves him, they should stage an intervention at this point.

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory.

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