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Marjorie Taylor Greene goes completely off the rails with outlandish Independence Day screed

Marjorie Taylor Greene goes completely off the rails with outlandish Independence Day screed

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While most Americans used the long holiday weekend to decompress from the tensions of work and everyday life and relieve the accumulated stresses of the pandemic, the right-wing extremist Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) instead took the opportunity to compose a lengthy Twitter post.

The 15-part thread that the pariah of the House of Representatives published late yesterday lays out her exceedingly narrow vision of the views that “regular Americans”  — a label she applies to a minuscule percentage of the nation’s actual citizens by limiting its membership to only those who hold her reactionary ideology — have about their government now that their lord and savior, Donald Trump, is no longer in power.

Greene’s social media manifesto is so indicative of the mass delusions that have taken over too much of the American right that it deserves to be examined and rebutted in detail to lessen the chance that any errant soul actually regards its ideas as having even the slightest shred of truth and legitimacy.

Greene begins her thread by claiming to be the spokesperson for that mythical “regular American” who shares her beliefs and considers the federal government, of which she is a paid employee, to be a “Swamp” worthy of capitalization.

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The Georgia representative then goes on to attribute every plank in the evil GOP propaganda platform to the common wisdom of these ordinary Americans, denigrating the “fake news media” — singling out that bastion of radical progressivism, Fox News, by name — and accusing Democrats of the tired old false tropes of desiring open borders and being soft on crime.

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By combining the obvious fact that everyone wants safe communities with the false allegation that Democrats are working to prevent that goal from being achieved, Greene uses the tools that authoritarian propagandists have exploited for ages to brainwash the populace to accept their twisted ideologies.

Greene wasn’t content to spread just one set of lies. She still had plenty left to cover in her manifesto, including the ever-popular ‘Big Lie” that the 202o presidential election was stolen.

Greene tries to claim that Democratic voters “admit there was fraud with absentee ballots,” when, in fact, the only absentee ballot fraud uncovered has been from a handful of desperate Trump voters who decided to cast extra ballots for themselves or for their dead relatives.

The Georgia congresswoman isn’t content simply attacking her Democratic opponents, however. In a sign of just how extreme her viewpoints are, Greene is also forced to strike out at members of the GOP who have been insufficiently supportive of her radical agenda.

It’s not just politics that sticks in Greene’s craw. Her musings next take her to her muscular opposition to the verities of science in the guise of a belief that simply being weary of the precautions that the COVID-19 pandemic requires means that epidemiologists and other scientific experts can simply be ignored.

Greene’s partisan posturing next takes her to accuse President Biden of “pathetic failures” without being able to point out a single instance of one of those supposed failures after Biden managed to efficiently role out vaccines and significantly reduce the rampant growth of the pandemic while presiding over a robust economic rebound in his first months in office.

The only thing she’s got is a vague accusation of weakness and an unfounded allegation of corruption, so she quickly moves on to attack Biden’s second in command, Vice President Kamala Harris, with a broad generalization of a lie.

Greene’s attacks on her progressive colleagues in the House are naturally predicated on anti-Chinese racism and climate crisis denialism, but she then laughably hones in on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN), criticizing her for her supposed anti-Semitism, an uproariously ironic accusation from a QAnon believer who spouts off conspiracy theories about George Soros and “Jewish space lasers.”

It’s also pretty amusing to see the Queen Mistress of dog-whistling — a virtual Paganini of the art who likely can blow a chorus or two of “I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman” or “The Colonel Bogey March” at the drop of a hat — accuse those who recognize that not only has racism not disappeared in this country, but it has grown and flourished during the Trump administration, of using that method of surreptitious signaling.

Having dealt with race in her comprehensive deplorable manifesto, Greene next moved onto express her rampant homophobia by regurgitating baseless fears about trans women with penises using the ladies’ room.

That’s a pretty audacious accusation from someone whose base has no problem desecrating the American flag by transforming it into garish items of apparel in contravention of federal statutes that state that “the flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery.”

Congresswoman Greene’s Independence Day manifesto wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of an antiquated, but still popular, warhorse slogan of the right-wing misanthrope: “America — Love it or Leave it.”

If nothing else, Rep, Greene’s audacious delusion that her detestable views are shared by “The American People,” no matter how narrowly she defines that term, are either signs of mental instability and detachment from reality that require serious intervention from a mental health professional or a deeply cynical application of media manipulation that Joseph Goebbels would surely appreciate.

If only Marjorie Taylor Greene has spent her Fourth of July holiday writing something useful — like her resignation letter — instead of this screed full of lies, hate, and propaganda, then America would be in a much better state.

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