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Trump’s mysterious announcement tomorrow leaked by NY Time’s Maggie Haberman

Trump’s mysterious announcement tomorrow leaked by NY Time’s Maggie Haberman

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For all his multitude of faults, Donald Trump does have a talent for showmanship, if nothing else.

So naturally, he began the hype for a mysterious and important new announcement he was planning to make this Wednesday well in advance of the day in order to build speculation and anticipation for whatever supposedly momentous pronouncement he had waiting behind the curtain.

Unfortunately for the twice-impeached, one-term president, however, journalist Maggie Haberman of The New York Times got wind of the substance of Trump’s plans and managed to steal whatever thunder he was counting on mustering by taking to Twitter to reveal his intentions prematurely.

While much of the scuttlebutt surrounding the former guy’s big reveal of his secretive plans centered upon the potential announcement of a new Trump-owned or endorsed social media platform, the spectacular implosion of GETTR, the new platform of which his former aide Jason Miller is now the CEO, this weekend after it was hacked and all of its valuable customer data was posted publicly on the internet, took the wind out of that possibility.

Instead, as Haberman posted, Trump’s grand proclamation has nothing to do with new social media platforms but is just a continuation of his battles with the only companies that really matter in the social media space, Facebook and Twitter.

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Only someone with the ego of Donald Trump would think that the announcement of a lawsuit against two non-governmental companies — firms whose terms and conditions he clearly violated — would warrant being considered a major news item worthy of a press conference and all the attendant hoopla.

With plenty of other legal action that the former guy should be much more concerned about soon to be more than filling his plate, perhaps Donald Trump shouldn’t be wasting the considerable sums — money that he’s conned his supporters out of since he started promoting the “Big Lie” that got him kicked off of Facebook and Twitter to begin with — on frivolous lawsuits with no chance of success.

Then again, how different will these lawsuits be than the travesties that were his legal challenges to the legitimacy of the elections in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Arizona?

Trump files lawsuits to keep his grievances in the public eye, so Maggie Haberman’s advance leak of his intentions will ultimately only help him achieve his goal of remaining in the consciousness of most Americans, even those of us who just want him to shut up and go to prison as he deserves.

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