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Biden trolls and laughs at Trump over his broken promises

Biden trolls and laughs at Trump over his broken promises

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Unless you’re one of those dead-ender MAGA minions who has somehow managed to convince themselves that Donald Trump—the most disastrous American president to ever hold office—was somehow a great leader, you likely wake up every day with at least some small sense of relief that sanity has returned to the White House. President Biden has proven to be visionary, compassionate, and competent in all of the ways Donald Trump never was. He’s already accomplished more in less than a year than Trump did during his entire term.

Presently, Biden is working to pass a much-needed bill to repair and modernize our crumbling infrastructure. Lucky rusty clockwork, Republicans led by career obstructionist Mitch McConnell have been throwing up every obstacle they can to water down and delay the bill.

It’s not that GOP politicians have any coherent argument against strengthening our nation through infrastructure, they’re just hellbent on stopping President Biden from racking up another win for the American people. Some of them claim that the United States can’t afford a multi-trillion dollar bill, but these are the same people who stood by silently as Trump skyrocketed the debt by giving out massive, unnecessary tax cuts to the super-wealthy.

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While on a trip to Illinois today, Biden once again voiced his support for the infrastructure bill—and threw some shade at Donald Trump in the process. A running joke during the Trump years was that every week was “infrastructure week,” because Trump and his lackeys repeatedly promised to pass a sweeping infrastructure bill but kept pushing it back and pushing it back and pushing it back… In the end, it became clear they never intended to pass anything of the sort.

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“And God willing we’re not going to have 40 weeks of: ‘This is infrastructure week,'” said Biden with a chuckle. “Remember those?”

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Hopefully Trump sees the clip, it’s sure to make him furious.

Watch below.

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