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Jen Psaki publicly belittles Marjorie Taylor-Greene in response to her latest outburst

Jen Psaki publicly belittles Marjorie Taylor-Greene in response to her latest outburst

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The extremist fringes of the GOP are as determined as ever to spit in the face of 5,000 years of medical science in their anarchic crusade against the COVID-19 vaccine, willing to put tens of thousands of American lives at risk just to avoid having to praise or otherwise acknowledge that their political rivals are capable of actually producing results for the American public.

Controversial conspiracist Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene sparked an outcry last night when she once again invoked the Nazis to trash the Biden administration, having the nerve to compare the community organizers going door-to-door asking people if they’ve been vaccinated to the Nazi stormtroopers who went door-to-door burning Jewish businesses and sending their owners to concentration camps.

This is the second time in several weeks that Marjorie Taylor-Greene has referenced the Holocaust in her attacks on the Biden administration; it’s clear her performative trip to the Holocaust Museum didn’t do anything to set her priorities straight or tone down her rhetoric.

Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked to comment on the Georgia Republican’s appalling comments and dismissed her with all the condescension that such a vile woman deserves:

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“Well, first what I would tell you is that we don’t take any of our health and medical advice from Marjorie Taylor Greene. So I can assure everyone of that. But also, John, what we’re trying to do here as the federal government is to protect the American people and save lives, prevent people from getting COVID and the coronavirus, and what we’ve seen over the course of the last several months is one of the biggest barriers is access, and people knowing when they can get the vaccine, where they can get the vaccine, the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. It’s up to every individual to decide if they’re going to get vaccinated, as we hear reports from the CDC about the rise of the Delta variant, one of the most transmissible variants we’ve seen there, this is about protecting people and saving lives, and that’s a role we’re going to play as the federal government, and we’re going to use whatever tools and tactics we think will be effective.”

It truly boggles the mind to see so much energy have to be expended by the Biden administration to combat this absolutely ridiculous and wildly counterproductive hyperbole about the COVID-19 vaccine — which was approved by the Trump administration — from crackpots like Taylor Greene, but a silver lining is that it gives us an opportunity to see how much the Biden team really cares about the American people and how much effort they put into making sure we are all safe and healthy.

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