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Marjorie Taylor Greene sparks outrage after breaking her promise over Holocaust comparisons

Marjorie Taylor Greene sparks outrage after breaking her promise over Holocaust comparisons

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Addiction is a slippery slope.

Whether it is an addition to drugs, to sex, or to spreading conspiracy theories, those suffering from these seemingly unstoppable compulsions always run the risk of sliding back into their unwanted and undesirable bad habits in a vicious cycle of recidivism.

Now, less than a month after one of the nation’s leading congressional loonies, the QAnon-spouting Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), was forced to publicly apologize for her remarks comparing being forced to wear masks to help prevent the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus to the Holocaust, here she is back at it again as if she simply has no control over the vitriol that spews forth from her facial orifice.

A little over three weeks after the Georgia congresswoman told the world that “there are words that I have said and remarks that I have made that I know are offensive,” having had a road to Damascus moment while visiting the Holocaust Museum and declaring that “I have made a mistake…the Holocaust is – there’s nothing comparable to it,” here is Rep. Greene posting a tweet that compares President Biden’s vow to send medical professionals door to door in order to reach the sizable number of unvaccinated people still lurking in the shadows with their vulnerable immune systems to Nazi “brown shirts,” a reference to Hitler’s early militia members.

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Almost as offensive as Greene’s comparison of President Biden’s vaccine efforts to Nazi mobs is the medical disinformation contained in the very first line of her tweet.

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Saying that the various brands of Covid-19 vaccines are not FDA-approved is simply an outright lie designed to sow doubt about their safety and efficacy when in fact all of the vaccines being administered in this country have been officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use, and if this ain’t an emergency, lady, we can’t imagine what it would take for Greene to recognize it as such.

Over 600,000 American deaths in this country and Greene is blathering about the “human experiment” instead of applauding Biden for rolling our vaccines at a speed and efficiency that will likely ensure that we aren’t reaching a mortality rate from the virus in the millions anytime soon.

Congresswoman Greene’s inability to restrain her basest political instincts and her lack of self-control when it comes to Nazi metaphors inspired serious derision in the comments section of her post.

It seems as if someone with no control of her faculties and who is unable to repress her compulsion to spread lies and harmful disninformation shouldn’t be allowed to be a member of Congress. much less continue to have a Twitter account.

Marjorie Tayor Greene seems to be addicted to her deplorable behavior.

Expel her from Congress and get her into a mental health treatment program as soon as possible.

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