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Jen Psaki rips Trump’s social media obsession in press conference zinger

Jen Psaki rips Trump’s social media obsession in press conference zinger

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After the string of defensive peddlers of misinformation that were the White House Press Secretaries of the Trump regime, the current occupant of that position in the Biden administration, Jen Psaki, is such a breath of fresh air that she has inspired social media fan clubs for her intelligence and her deft handling of lame “gotcha” questions posed by clueless correspondents from right-wing media seeking to discredit the Democratic majority.

A master of the droll understatement bolstered by a complete command of the facts, Psaki is worth a thousand times her weight in gold to the Biden team for her ability to undercut whatever specious or outlandish proposition is put forth by eager pseudo-journalists from Fox News, OAN, NewsMax, or any of the other bastions of right-wing resentments and grievances.

That being said, Jen Psaki outdid herself today with her brilliant response to a question about the current White House’s response to the doomed lawsuit that the twice-impeached, former one-term president announced yesterday that he would be filing against Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and any other social media platform that in his eyes restricted his freedom of speech by unceremoniously booting him off of their services.

The general consensus about Trump’s ill-advised lawsuit among legal commentators is that the disgraced ex-president has an extremely poor grasp of the details of the First Amendment and will be lucky to have the case thrown out immediately on its lack of merits, since, if it does proceed, Trump will likely be forced to testify about his activities on the days leading up to the January 6th insurrection in a sworn deposition that could only assist any criminal investigation into those activities that may or may not be taking place as we speak.

Most also saw the lawsuit as an excuse to try to wring even more cash out of his deluded followers through the fundraising campaign that launched just minutes after Trump’s press conference announcing his legal offensive.

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Psaki, however, didn’t even need to get into a discussion about Trump’s faulty legal strategy or the likely financial motivation for it when discussing the Biden administration’s reaction to the news of the impending legal action against the social media giants.

The Press Secretary only needed one sentence to demolish the question about the lawsuit by clearly delineating the enormous difference between the priorities that the Biden administration is focusing on versus the obsessions of his failed predecessor.

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Like an old and over-grown oak tree, Jen Psaki is a reliable source of refreshing shade.

Long may she reign over the White House Press Office!

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